Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sarawak smelled like Kasam Ikan - Sibu By Elections

This is politics. BN is a veteran and so are Taib Mahmud and his gang of elders comprising George Chan, Alfred Jabu , James Masing and William Mawan. They will do whatever it takes to win the Sibu by election. By hook or by crook, they must win this so called “challenge” by DAP and ironically Najib. Najib meant business and “no main main” attitude could be tolerated. Even by elections has a KPI.

Taib and his gang know that losing Sibu will be like an iron ball hitting their head. They would go all out to make sure the iron ball stuff would never materialized. They want to show Najib that they are still very much in control in Sarawak although Najib knows that many things in the land of the hornbills smelled like “kasam ikan”.

Voters are just as smart today, the Sibu ones comprising mainly of Foochows can get what they want if they play their cards right. And of course the Foochows are known for their smart ways. I am sure they have by now, planned to ask for the “sky” if they could have their wish. This is the time BN will whitewash everything and “turut saja”. Just give the Sibu people what they asked for. Losing to DAP in Sibu will be like a pancake thrown on George Chan’s face. He cannot afford to see his party lose.

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Hello Beautiful Sarawak
Hidup PR,Hidup Rakyat
Ho Ho Ho