Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Corruption" veiled - Is Sarawak excluded?

Sarawakians are not excluded from Corruption and Sarawakians are not stupid people to blindly follow bad governance. You will find many ordinary members in the BN skeptical of all the sweet talks thrown at them lately by their leaders.

It is often said that many simple minded folks in Sarawak would passively follow the government of the day because their "periuk Nasi" comes first. There is a lot of truth in this, a good portion of them don't belong to any political organization. They are the ordinary citizens, the majority are in the low income bracket.

Yet with others who are fence sitters but not fence sitters, "fear" engulfs them that they keep their mouths shut. It's simple as that, the fear of retribution if they go against the powerful system controlled by the BN government has forced them to "artificially" place allegiance to BN. This is dangerous and very much a probable "cause" of swing votes during elections.

Those in the opposition camp who have pressed for political change want "real changes", many know that merely to say change but with corruption still going on will not transform or change anything.The chanting of "Reformasi" from PKR means changes must be made to the system with a change in government so that justice and fairness will be enjoyed by all the people and NOT ONLY by a collective few or groups of the already rich lot.

The membership of the opposition in Sarawak comprising the Malays in PKR and PAS, the Chinese in DAP and Dayaks is growing by the day. They have quietly increased their numbers of late because Sarawakians are attracted to join them for a myriad of reasons. The main reasons are justice, equality and of course corruption in the BN administration. They are in effect unhappy over bad governance, of how the system is flouted by direct tendering, etc. They are fed-up with leaders who are corrupted and make bad decisions.

We can all be quite sure that Najib’s government is aware of the poor people’s plight especially in Sarawak and they have talked about changes too which shall be brought about under 1Malaysia. That sounds pretty convincing but on the ground, people in Sarawak know that CORRUPTION will be interestingly veiled by the system of his government.

The biggest known “scandal” completely veiled in front of our eyes was the 500 million Ringgit so called COMMISSION paid for the submarine deal. This file is closed, as we understand it.

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Richard Loh said...

When is umno going to stop lying to the people of Malaysia. 47 years and how many times have they promised development in Sarawak. Why after 47 years nothing is being done and now in a by election umno gives another promise that the Government had big plans to transform the state into a developed one. If umno is sincere, Sarawak would have been developed by now and need not have to wait for another 10 years.

Sibu voters, are you going to keep on voting umno who will not keep their promises but keep on sucking the State resources dry through their proxy in CM Taib?

Sarawak Sibu P212 By Election - Hard Talk 4

You cannot be wrong by voting PR/DAP but if you allow umno to remain in power there cannot be any bright future for Malaysia.

PR/DAP is not 100% perfect but is surely 100% better than umno. BN exist in name only, all the component parties including SUPP are just umno's puppets without any power.