Friday, May 7, 2010

Gambling in the Semua Boleh Land

People in Sarawak do gamble and they don’t care two hoots about the Malays gambling. You see Sarawak Malay punters freely in the 4-D and Toto joints, people just don’t care. Well, it’s bad habit to gamble, everyone knows that, even a seasoned gambler would agree to it. No Sarawakian will say it's good.

The fact that gambling is made legal in Sarawak or for that matter in Malaysia is somewhat a blessing for those who seek some excitement and thrill playing with their money. Losing their bets is secondary because one must have money in the first place to be able to bet. If the lure to money is what that spurs people to enjoy the game, it is greed of it that will destroy the beauty of a clean gamble.

The apple pie of gambling will soon be manifested in Malaysia when the World Cup starts to kick up dust and make the civil servants lag behind in their work. Interestingly, some have predicted that Najib’s KPI will drop these couple of months, starting with the Thomas Cup debut.

In Sarawak, the Ibans are accustomed to their "cock fight" bets. That is embedded in their culture, there is nothing you can do about it, except to rope them in when things go out of hand. The Sibu By Election will definitely see a lot of gambling especially amongst the Chinese groups, it's unstoppable. The police will be too busy anyway to snoop around on the bookies' backyard.

Malaysia is land of many contradictions, you can when you can’t and you can't but you can. Rightly too, we have 1Malaysia to support us with Gambling in the Semua Boleh land, a land where you can go breaking rules and get away with.

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