Thursday, May 6, 2010

Najib's Sifu - Idris Jala

When you see things beyond the average intellect, it may get dangerously irrelevant to the common men in the street. I watched Idris Jala on tv3 last night. The guy has tremendous memory and possesses extraordinary skills in management. First, he’s a natural talker, second he smiles a lot, and third he has experience. Those are his qualities besides being a top scholar of his time.

He was asked about solving the Pudu Raya Bus terminal congestion in KL and he brilliantly gave some solid answers that would put Samy Vellu to shame. And I told myself that here was a humble Kelabit guy from Sarawak who had his days spent learning the skills from SHELL and using that same instrument to oversee a government machinery now. Ironically, where have all the Malay professors gone?

Idris spoke about Sarawak’s rural infrastructure which he agreed should be given due attention, only that he never uttered the word “neglected” which if he did, would see him sidelined by the cabinet. But surely, a brilliant guy like him knows deep down in his heart that our rural sector has indeed been neglected by the BN state government of Taib.

Idris praised the police force for a job well done basing his argument on crime statistics from the data collected over the last few months. His comparison on the rate of crime to that in the UK was not realistic and weak. We can't compare apples to rambutans. I thought he would at least talked about immigration and the “imported” crimes committed by foreigners in the country, which he didn’t.

I particularly liked his asking the civil service to run and run fast to catch up with time and the word "efficiency". That's good so as to wake up all the lazy bums in the service in Sarawak.

Let's not push it too hard Idris, lest you become a social outcast in Sarawak.

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