Thursday, April 29, 2010

BN Drains in Sarawak

Look into any drains in Sarawak and you will see filth and the hap hazard manner that they are constructed, if at all they are made of concrete, they have been poorly constructed. Many are in a dilapidated state full of debris and glaringly neglected by local councils. Of course these councils are all run by BN appointed councillors, many of whom are "balls' polishers". Yes, funds are utilized, the budget is there but due to the hanky-panky culture of the system, projects implemented are no more than a mere fulfillment.

In Sarawak, many drains are actually ditches and trenches quickly dug out on the sides of roads and highways. During heavy downpours, motorists have to take extra care not to end up in those ditches. Moreover, they are the NO.1 areas for mosquito breeding when water clogged. Don’t blame the mosquitoes for the rampant spread of the H1N1 virus, blame the government. I may be generalizing here but such is the condition of the drains in the State, one cannot hide the fact no more. And for that matter, to complement what I have said here, you can ask any Sarawakian about the drainage system in our towns or 2 cities of Kuching and Miri, I bet you will get a not so good answer.

Drainage and sewers cannot be ruled out in any development infrastructure. The State government never cared too much about the bad effects of drainage if it is not done to plan. They have been busy planning, sometimes for the wrong thing. Or did they plan for the right thing where it is easier to “siphon” off the cash?

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