Monday, May 10, 2010

BN's Old Tune Replayed in Sibu

You feel like vomiting listening to our BN political leaders defending their stance just because they want to win Sibu. They are throwing everything they have got to save SUPP from embarrassment. All of a sudden, Sibu is their pet topic. Of course, it’s all about promises, promises and more promises, the old outdated rhetoric replayed. When you hear the same tune over and over again, it makes you sick.

Are we going to be taken in by all these goodies that Najib’s government is promising to the Sibu people? To me, it’s just like telling a 7 year old to sing, dance and be merry because there are chocolates and toys waiting for him.

You can bet that internet savvy Foochows in their 20s will not be hoodwinked by BN’s sweet promises because the news today has no boundaries and the inquisitive mind can be smarter than any Datuk or BN professor out there appearing on tv as proxies of BN. The Sarawak Datuk appearing on TV1 tonight was to me, technically stupid and out of tempo when trying to defend BN achievements in rural Sarawak.

Time has changed and gone are the days when SUPP rules the Sarawak Chinese electorates, their “mafia” days and ways are a thing of the past, ineffective in today’s world.

The time for change may be getting nearer in Sarawak. The opposition DAP leader has mildly put it that the league will start with Sibu.

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