Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting for a Warlord's Inspiration - Sarawak GE

The Election fever is growing by the day in Sarawak. The popularity of BN amongst Chinese voters in the state will soon be tested in Sibu. The demise of MP Robert Lau who was a charismatic figure amongst the predominantly Foochow population calls for a thorough scrutiny by SUUP on its replacement candidate. The by election is expected to be a straight fight between BN’s SUPP and DAP.

Fever or no fever, the State Election in Sarawak will only be announced when Sarawak’s top Warlord by the name of Taib Mahmud is fully inspired. Not until he says so, things will remain rumored as only coffee shop talk.

If BN is ever ready as claimed by Taib and BN leaders in Sarawak, it looks like the Opposition is on a tactical limbo over the allocation of seats. This is because everyone wants to have a say. The foursome PAS, PKR, DAP and the limping SNAP led by autocratic Edwin Dundang are not happy with one another. Pas has said that they want all the Malay/Melanau majority areas which have left PKR in a fix. DAP seems unperturbed because they know they have the edge over PKR with Chinese urbanites. SNAP is of course focusing in on Dayak dominated areas.

It is hoped that this election will be the most interesting ever in Sarawak. Najib cannot take any risks to field the wrong candidates. The question is, will he let the Warlord decide? He may, he may not.

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