Thursday, April 8, 2010

1Malaysia Political Bums in Sarawak

How on earth are you going to unite Malaysians under 1Malaysia when some BN quarters symbolize it as a BN entity? Yes, 1Malaysia has been politicized and circumcised by BN. You cannot expect a PAS or DAP member to put on the 1Malaysia badges with the BN logo in the background. Perhaps this has not caught anyone's attention. It doesn’t matter really because we know that 1Malaysia from the day it was launched, has been questioned and ridiculed by the opposition and not fully understood by the majority of Malaysians at large. The recent news that it is “copycat stuff” from Israel is very disturbing, certainly amongst hard core Muslims.

1Malaysia is not as bumpy in Sarawak as it is in West Malaysia. The bumps here are obnoxiously different. In fact we do not need to go heads over heels with 1Malaysia in Sarawak where people of all races have enjoyed their lives and carry on living in peace and tranquility over the decades ever since the days of the white Rajahs.

However, Sarawakians are in no way a bunch of crimpy Homo sapiens who accept things passively. There is truth in the older generation of the natives who are accustomed to the “adat” of respecting their “bosses” taught to them and inherited from the British colonial rule. This is good value appreciated by the young but it must not be taken as a rule of thumb that Sarawakians are born to be followers of their bosses. Let me put it right, we have no damn bosses.

When there are bumps in the system, it is only a natural instinct for people to protest and they can opt to do this in many ways. That accounts for all the barbarous "cow head" and "pig head" acts seen in West Malaysia.

The bumps in Sarawak are not religious in nature nor is it racial, let’s all be clear on that. Our bumps created by crafty BN political leaders are about the inadequate infrastructure, roads, clinics, schools etc etc after 40 years of plastered rule by UMNO dictators. To the natives, it's about the BN government abusing NCR land belonging to the Dayaks. But most importantly it’s about political power in the hands of a few BN political bums who are filthy rich and not wanting to hand over political leadership to the younger generation.

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