Monday, April 5, 2010

Longhouses without the Basic Amenities

Sadness surrounded me during my travel by road recently to Northern Sarawak. I stopped at 4 longhouses along the way and 3 are without the basic amenities, clean water supply and electricity. I saw the children bathed in rivers of mud, they have to make do with dirty water from erosion as a result of logging activities. There was no other choice as rain water was reserved for drinking. I thought then that what was once rivers of fish are now rivers of hell.

To deduce that the authorities are not aware of the plight of these longhouses is simply nonsense. Our BN YBs aren't blind and deaf. I can only arrived at one conclusion and that is, they have failed to serve their constituency and looked after the interest of the rakyat. They have failed to bring the basic amenities to the longhouses. BN failed to fulfill their promises to these longhouse folks in Sarawak.

My bumpy ride was made worst on some stretches of what we called "trunk roads" that are poorly tar sealed, obviously the works of unscrupulous contractors and poor supervision by JKR. They deserved to be labelled "Jangan Kerja Rajin" in this instance.

Well over 40 years have passed since we joined up to form Malaysia and Sarawak is still on this bumpy ride to development. Yet BN leaders have got the cheek to call it "Politics of Development" whenever there is some announcement of a new project in the state. It is sad and misleading.

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