Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crafty Moves by Politicians? - Think Harder

Come On, you must be kidding to even propose of taking the states of Sarawak and Sabah out of Malaysia. Although I have my reservations, this is just a dream of some unhappy politicians who want publicity. We have enough bumps as it is now to think wildly of this move which is like starting an “uprising” in Sarawak or Sabah. To rebel in such a way is not my cup of tea.

Instead of showing anger on the international stage and stooping down to the British government and parliamentarians for help and assistance, it would be a lot better to focus on what needs to be done and corrected in these two states. We can absolutely move forward in many areas both politically and economically, one major initiative is right in hand and that is, to deny the BN victories in the 2 states.

Of course many bumps have to be blasted out first to make us win. It needs planning and thoughts and a lot of it. Underrating BN is not wise, bulldozing by venting our anger and belittling individual politicians may not be effective anymore. RPK did just that and he ended up marooned and a “wanted” man. We must remember that BN has all the “powers” to squash you out of sight including using the ISA. That’s enough of my rhetoric.

What I wish to point out in this post is the way BN has exploited us, the rakyat for our money through the process of government. When camouflaged by what they called “revenue”, we are made to believe that the BN government is doing the right things. We then pay all our "dues" obediently, absorbing all the taxes, levies and what have you. So whilst you dig into your pockets and sometimes figuring how to make ends meet, BN political leaders may be celebrating with easy hard cash.

Most of our BN political leaders in Sarawak and Sabah have wriggled their way to be wealthy businessmen with vested interests in corporations and private companies. It would not be good to show up their names here, that's not my intention. The fact is we know they are generating income for themselves through the legal process, their undeclared assets run into millions of ringgit. We also know that the government's call for “privatization” would normally be grabbed up and run by elected representatives and their proxies. And indirectly, when appointed to sit in the board, they are the "untouchables". The pretext that "privatization" would increase efficiency so as to render the rakyat better service is just an excuse.

Now think about this: Both you and I will have paid a little for the parking tickets imposed on us every time we park our cars, we thought it is alright. But that small sum is actually a “squeeze” on our pockets. Similarly, the unrealistically high “tolls” in West Malaysia is always thought of as mere collection to upkeep the highways. It is not. The MIC President lost his seat because of it.

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