Sunday, April 11, 2010

Learning from Political Mistakes

Obsession has its bad effects in politics. Sarawakians are slowly but surely coming out of their cocoons to challenge the BN leadership. Lest you forget, you can be obsessed as an opposition to BN, this is when you start denouncing everything that BN does. You may start cursing and lose your rhythm. You lose focus, you become agitated, you start to slander.

Many have brought themselves to the threshold of hatred. By this, I mean they hate BN and will not subscribe to anything BN. When hate takes over our minds, we can even turn around and say white is black and black is white. When this happens, you find pleasure in the “blame game”, smashing BN to the ground at every opportunity and use whatever arsenal in the dictionary of politics to smear, smear and smear everything BN.

When we ponder deeply, there are certainly the good things that BN has done to the rakyat besides the many bad ones they are known for. Torching everything BN to the ground like what BN is doing to PKR and DAP is ugly and will not make the Opposition win Elections. Let’s learn from the mistakes made by BN.

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