Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SUPP walking on Thin Ice

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party or better known as SUPP, once a somewhat “communist” based party back in the 60s will be in hot soup soon when they come face to face with the DAP in down trodden Sibu. If they lose the by Election, that will be the end of SUPP. George Chan can then pack his bags and go down under to Australia where his PR status is kept sealed.

We don’t really get honest good leaders these days. The likes of Thaksins in Sarawak are many. Only with a slight twist, Thaksin is a known flamboyant billionaire while those around in the land of the hornbills are wily politicians who stash their cash in foreign banks.

Last night I spoke to a SUPP member and he says the party is now struggling to make everyone happy. The Chinese is known for their entrepreneurship, their business acumen and their “kangtao” attitude. That makes them successful businessmen and politicians. If they are happy when there is money, they can also abandon you when there is none. The SUPP leadership knows this and they will try at least to make all their office bearers happy, that is, if money is the issue.

SUPP had their biggest shock during the last state elections when they lost some of their ADUN seats to young DAPians. They lost simply because they could no longer hold the confidence of the Chinese voters. Their old strategy dating back to the 80s didn’t work no more. After 2 decades, they were outdated. They have recently come up with a new strategy with the hope that it would work.

Winning hearts and minds, especially the rakyat's "confidence" is no easy task. It will take a lot of hard work and ample cash for everyone, after all nothing is for free. What will SUPP do now to win back this confidence amongst the Chinese or will they be rejected altogether. Walking on thin ice is always dangerous.

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