Monday, April 12, 2010

Having to shit at 12 midnight

I am no reporter, I am no journalist, and I seek the truth to challenge BN in many quarters where they have failed to render the basic amenities to the rural rakyat. Where there are, they are poorly run. This will be a short post.

Today I received some news which to me is old information related to water shortage in rural colleges in Sarawak. This call came from Mukah. It is alarming how students in Sarawak have to suffer in their ill maintained hostels where they have to bath at 12 midnight. I was told that water would run into the taps only at this odd hour. This isn’t water rationing, it’s just poor service and inadequate service from the BN controlled government.

No excuse when we have plenty of rivers around in Sarawak. No excuse when we have been with the UMNO controlled government for over 40 years. Just no excuse!

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