Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cash loaded BN YBs in Sarawak - The "How"?

I was in a coffee shop today and some of the things said were about the millions of ringgit being poured into Sarawak by the Federal government to upgrade everything from Roads to Suraus, School Toilets and Kampong Balai Raya. All of a sudden there is this surge in funds to Sarawak. What I hear is the PM isn’t happy about the slow “development” in the state. He smelled something fishy. On top of it, Statistics shows that Sarawak stands as the 4th poorest State.

With this sudden surge, there is enough proof and a reason to believe that the BN state government under Taib has either failed to honestly deliver what was meant for the rakyat or have “siphoned” the money intended for development through dubious means under the system. This includes misusing MRPs, abusing the Tendering system, awarding to proxies plus many other ugly manipulations not worth a mention.

So, if you want to know how and why BN YBs in Sarawak are exceptionally rich and loaded with cash, this is the reason, CORRUPTION.

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