Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sibu here we GO

The By Elections in Hulu Selangor concluded with an expected result predicted by the BN camp. BN did not win convincingly and very much short of their focused 6,000 vote majority they believed they could garner. This was a seat BN had held for many years and this win is actually getting back what they thought must be theirs for keeps. They got it back and MIC is happy.

The question now is, will the win be of any impact to the upcoming Sibu By Election. It could because high morale can result in the BN work force giving it their best. Although the Sibu scenario is a whole lot different from that in Hulu Selangor, BN is expected to perform well and retain the seat. In Sarawak, many would agree that BN will find its way to win "by hook or by crook". GOD has always been watching how money politics have been brought into play in the rural areas. This is something that cannot be denied in Sarawak.

DAP is known for their unexpected moves and they could well pull a surprise if their ground work has been laid well. These are urban voters in Sibu made up of predominantly Chinese Foochow people who have in the last general election, voted for the credibility of Candidates rather than the Party.

I see it as a big tussle between a BN newcomer and a seasoned politician from DAP. BN’s strength, like that of Hulu Selangor’s, could well be the deciding factor that could tip the scale in their favour. I am sure, like a Bulldog, DAP will fight SUPP to the end.

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