Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fighting for your Rights - NCR Land

The NCR Land Issue in Sarawak will once again be in the limelight in Kuala Lumpur when Lawyer Baru Bian takes to the stage. My question is this - Why do the native people of Sarawak have to be burdened with this unnecessary process of fighting for what is actually theirs?

The following is a report from Malaysian Mirror:

KUALA LUMPUR - Well-known Sarawak lawyer Baru Bian will speak on the controversial Native Customery Rights (NCR) land issue in Sarawak this coming Saturday.

The talk, sponsored by the Human Rights Committee of the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, will take place at its premise in Jalan Maharaja at 12 noon.

Baru has handled more than 100 NCR lawsuits against the Sarawak government over the past decade.

He is expected to provide an insider's view of the legal process surrounding the NCR land issue. In the past decade, Sarawak natives have accused the Sarawak state government of grabbing their land and not recognising their NCR land.

This has led to several confrontation between NCR owners and plantation operators. At present, more than one million hectares of plantation land is under NCR dispute.

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