Thursday, April 14, 2011

Will it be a Black Saturday

BN is trailing in many constituencies based on "real" happenings on the ground in both the urban and rural areas of Sarawak. The State Elections is going to be a very hard fought battle and voters are the ones ultimately going to decide the fate of Sarawak on Saturday, 16th of April amid all the political “heavyweights” from both BN and opposition PR coming to Sarawak to spread their propaganda from West Malaysia.

Come what may, it doesn’t look too good for a few PBB areas like Jepak, Lambir and Telang Usan. It is reported that even Jabu may be slayed. After a few decades, the once formidable PBB may shed tears on Saturday night. SUPP will have to brace itself for more “defeats” at the hands of DAP and their President George Chan contesting in the State constituency of Piasau will perhaps be the biggest casualty in this Elections. Their Repok seat may also fall from the feedback I received lately.

PRS is also said to be in trouble and may lose 1 or 2 seats which will be bad news for Masing. He may lose Pelagus. Whilst SPDP will have to surrender at least 2 seats, their Deputy President Peter Nyarok is under heavy bombardment and Baru Bian in Ba Kelalan is expected to win hands down.

Saturday the 16th of April 2011 may go down into the History Books as the day Sarawakians decide that CHANGE must come. I may be wrong but what if I am right.

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