Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Blessing in Disguise

Winning is one and losing seats to the opposition is another. While BN may rejoice at winning, it is no guarantee that the so called “fixed deposit” will stay for them. The cue is already there, the beginning of BN’s unpopularity has started and is spreading in Sarawak.

Reduced majorities in many rural areas where BN once controlled outright cannot be brushed aside. Khairy, the UMNO Youth Chief realized that “something” went wrong for BN to experience its worst loss in Sarawak. He's right!

To lose seats in the urban areas is indeed a concern and a blow to BN. They know it without admitting it obviously. Urban voters are amongst the educated and the contention that BN has won and that the victory endorses Taib’s leadership may not really be true.

DAP has managed to spearhead the challenge in all the urban areas namely Kuching, Sibu and Miri, destroyed the President of SUPP and doubled their seats in the house. Opposition PKR secured 3 seats and unseated the Deputy President of SPDP in a rural constituency means the political struggle for Change is already spreading to the interior of Sarawak.

There is a mild celebration of victory on the additional seats amongst the opposition camps, their mission to break BN’s stranglehold is accomplished. They have begun the war for change. And the next battle is the Parliamentary Elections in Sarawak.

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