Sunday, April 10, 2011


The current campaigns all over the State of Sarawak are quite somber from the feedback I got from friends on the ground. BN is still holding the magic wane whilst PKR is well way ahead as a crowd puller. Pulling crowds can be dangerous when you talk on the subject of changing for the sake of changing. People like to listen to new ideas which sometimes can be magically implanted in people’s minds hence detrimental to BN’s old and outdated style of politics. Crowds coming out to support the opposition means there's a wind of change sweeping the State.

And should BN loses out in more constituencies, perhaps experiencing tsunamis in areas they least expected to lose, it will be due to 2 old men leading the pack of wolves. The 2 old grey haired politicians, still harping their old tunes from the 70’s are physically no match against their younger opponents, only luck and a lot of money will see them pull through and win. You see, people are simply fed up with the 2 individuals, not so much that they hate BN, No. It is speculated that whilst the maestro Taib could win with a reduced majority, Georgy Boy could be slayed by a young DAPian in Miri.

Many BN incumbents are facing the onslaught of the “Anwar” plus “Guan Eng’s” tactics blue printed in Penang that they could be swept off their feet once and for all. Sarawak’s electorates, old and young are today getting braver, wiser and farsighted then say 5 or 10 years ago. Education has changed things, the media has changed things, and the Arab upheavals certainly have changed things. These are only some reasons that can make BN fall out of favour in many areas, both urban and rural. Old tactics don’t play well no more.

Let’s all wait for Saturday 16th of April for the results that are expected to shock you, me and everyone.

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