Thursday, April 28, 2011

DOMINO EFFECT in 5 years Time

It’s normal for some ruffling to take place after any Elections. The recently concluded Sarawak State Elections caused a few raised eyebrows because BN has lost some ground, luck appeared to be on PBB’s side, they managed to win in all their contested constituencies with reduced majorities in many areas where they have been known to dominate.

SUPP’s outgoing Chairman Dr. George Chan today called on the party to inject new blood by giving the younger lot to lead the Chinese based party. He’s banking on a Doctor who lost in the Election to take over from him. Surely, this gesture would annoy his other senior counterparts namely Wong Soon Koh and Peter Chin, Ministers and veterans who can be upgraded to the post quite easily by virtue of their seniority. Strictly speaking, the Chinese in Sarawak have lost trust on their once strong party.

PRS is also without their own trouble as their YB Joseph Mauh is accused by a Tuai Rumah of giving bounced checks. The video clip is on “you tube” interestingly. PRS lost Pelagus and cannot assume their role as the spokesman of the Dayaks anymore.

SPDP’s President Mawan is left with only 3 YBs who might support him and come the next TGA may see the band of 5 dethroning him as Party President. Many know him as not being a man of his words and lacking principles, so he has to be wary of what he does in the appointment of his Political Secretaries soon. But one thing is for certain, he has to stop his drinking habits.

BN has really to pull up their socks to win convincingly in the next parliamentary general Election in Sarawak. The people of Sarawak are waking up and the rural sectors will be the next target of the opposition. They have already captured 2 seats in the sub rural, so going rural is just a matter of time. Sarawak will experience the DOMINO EFFECT in 5 years time. BN is losing their grip in this Oil rich State deprived of mainstream development.

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