Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Defeated Sarawak Political Parties

The Sarawak National Party (SNAP) has been asked to “close shop” by an SPDP vice President and it was headlines in a local tabloid a few days back. This little boy gesture for them to "tutup kedai" is seen as an embarrassment.

SNAP is today left far behind politically in the State with zero seats in the State cabinet, so nobody cares about this oldest political group whether they close shop or not or do whatever they want to do. Everyone knows that it is led by a bunch of disgruntled politicians who have made some failed strategies. They are obviously fading out, losing all their deposits except for 1 state constituency in the recently concluded State Elections.

The party that could fall into the same trap is SUPP or Sarawak United Peoples Party, the oldest Chinese based Party which always claimed to be "multi-racial" with tongue in cheek. This Party will soon be fated to go too if they still carry on with their make believe that the Chinese electorates are behind them. Their days are numbered with the Chinese having made their voice heard loud and clear that their choice today is DAP. With only 2 Chinese YBs left in the State Cabinet representing them, SUPP should re-examined their set-up internally, come down to earth and accept the fact that they are now a “defeated” foe of DAP. They have to change their ways and face facts.

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