Sunday, March 13, 2011

BN's Money to buy Pork - NO Big Fuss in Sarawak

All BN YBs in Sarawak would have no problem with the word ALLAH which is a sensitive issue in West Malaysia. One YB from Miri and a SUPP member is clear with his stance on this subject in his face book message today. But incidentally, not being a muslim, is he poking his nose where he shouldn’t? Obviously he was unhappy that thousands of Bible copies meant for the Christians in Sarawak are not allowed to be released because they carried with them the word that has created such a big fuss in West Malaysia.

Sarawakians in general have been modest on religion and share ideas quite freely on the subject in the state. Sarawakians make no big fuss about such things. Pork is sold openly and Sarawak Muslims are tolerant with the sight of pork hanging freely in restaurants across the span of Sarawak. This is something one cannot see just across the border in Brunei. Forget about West Malaysia.

Pork is not for me as I am a muslim and as an Iban proud with my culture, I still step into my longhouse and watch them eat the delicious meat during any kind of ceremony. That is something they must have. And like the Ibans, most Chinese eat it everyday and many too, will grumble without the stuff to make up their meals. This is how it goes in Sarawak.

The soon to be Elections in Sarawak which I predict to be in May should not stop people from eating plenty of pork during the campaign period. Of course some of BN’s money disbursed for the Elections in whatever way and to whoever, good or bad, will be used to buy the meat for consumption.

Well, if you are a Muslim, certainly you can't touch the meat but what about the money touched or handled by the Pork Sellers? That will be Bumpy. I have no answer not to hold pork money! How would I know?

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