Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SLAYING the 4-Star Generals - Election Fever

The Election fever has started in Sarawak and the BN seat of Pelagus is now red hot with incumbent Larry Sng playing his aces with the BN top leadership, much to the annoyance of PRS. Larry’s father, a flamboyant ex BN YB and millionaire, has been kicking up dust too. He made heads turn last month when he was seen at breakfast with Anwar which he has every damn right to do while at the same time, we know he’s standing solidly behind his son whom Taib has described as a loyalist of BN. I would think that the business of politics covers too wide a spectrum for loyalty to be proven. In this case, it’s Father and Son so “blood is always thicker than water”.

BN can still win the coming elections if rural voters, especially the Dayaks consolidate their support of Taib’s leadership and style of governance. But will they? The Dayaks are once simple minded folks who have a good track record of supporting the “Dacing”. In days gone by, BN’s flags mean everything to them. It was their rice bowl. But things have changed over the last 5 years owing to the mainstream media. Most Dayaks are now aware of what really is going on, that they may sway and allow for sympathy votes for the opposition. This is because issues like the NCR Land disputes and biased logging activities are today well within their grasp. Moreover, many have today become successful entrepreneurs from the oil palm business that they may not need BN's support anymore for a livelihood.

The Chinese in Sarawak, concentrated in urban areas are strongly behind DAP and only fools will say otherwise. Whilst the Malays, a minority group in the state, may give it a try to endorse the politics played up by PAS.

Who wins or gain the upper hand in the coming elections is a game of strategy. It is no more about BN bringing development to the people. To harp on development projects like what some BN Ybs are still doing, is old rhetoric and outdated politics. Sarawakians have now reached a new level of maturity to be waylaid by sweet talk.

The Opposition could well adopt a plan to slay the 2 4-Star Generals with “smear” campaigns to achieve victory. The 2 4-Star Generals are Taib and George. This is Politics, an Eye for an Eye.

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