Monday, February 21, 2011

Age, Wives and Concubines smell Trouble

There is much talk about AGE in the coffee shops in Sarawak. AGE has become a factor and BN is losing out in this area and era of AGE. DAP and PKR have a string of young fellows willing to stand against old men of the BN. It’s going to be experience versus versatility in many areas in the coming Elections in Sarawak.

Rightly so, there are too many BN YBs in Sarawak who are in their mid 60s. The CM being old doesn’t pay much attention to AGE, perhaps it affects him most that he doesn’t consider this as important. But this oversight may bring his house down.

AGE also comes with maturity and sensibility but not necessarily sexuality which makes matters worst because when 2 leaders of the Sate Government, at their age, court young ladies to make them wives, the question of their sexual prowess is questioned. But that said they don’t need only sex for companionship. Companionship travels far and wide and George Chan has good reasons to court and marry a young Kelabit lady. Similarly with old man Taib, being a muslim, he needs a companion as called for by his religion.

Now here is the crux of the matter. If AGE matters in politics, aging leaders should know the consequences and vulnerability of them being criticized by marrying young wives while they are holding office and serving the people. Because they are elected representatives, the people have every right to know who their consort is. To cut it short, they will lose their “respect” from the older generation and looked upon by the young as near a “Casanova”. While others will just smile and say, “boleh tahan, masi ada ommph”.

Well, let's give some respect to our 2 leaders going into the open with their wives, they have my respect. At the least, they are much better off than those YBs hiding their concubines.

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Hi Unggal Cicak...election looming, you should write more.
First time I enter your website and I enjouyed reading them. Keep it up!