Friday, February 18, 2011

REAL Issues of the next GE in Sarawak

Sarawak’s politics may take a new twist come the next GE in a few months time. A good number of Sarawakians are excited for the unexpected to happen. And it could turn real as evidenced by scenarios now happening right in our midst. Will they impact on the political bearing of the coming elections in the State is left to be seen?

First, the old man Taib is not very much liked anymore as Chief Minister, even by his inner circles who are keeping their silence. This is simply because of his age besides his clinging on to power, somewhat like Mubarak who realized his own fault too little too late. And if he is disliked, it has nothing to do with his recent marriage to a sexy Syrian model which many actually liked. People are in fact more curious over the marriage of the President of SUPP to a fair looking Kelabit lady.

Second, the power of the internet is engulfing the young minds in Sarawak and information today travels at supersonic speed. Bad information about the Government can spread like wild fire amongst the young who have not been well managed by the BN government who can't even take care of their mat rempits. The hand phone is their well guarded tool to spread all the faults of the BN YBs in Sarawak.

Third, PAS has penetrated many PBB strongholds in the State over the past year spreading their seeds over the kampongs that Malay support may dwindle to the benefit of the opposition parties.

And fourth, the Chinese in urban areas who make up one third of the electorates are strongly behind DAP. This is no laughing matter and SUPP may be in for another shock this time around.

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