Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If the Real Issue is Change in Leadership

Is this not the real issue? Will it lead to some losses for BN in Sarawak? Anyone dares to take a bet with me that this will not be the case. We will see.

The voices of the people have been heard. So it seems. We cannot deny the fact that many leaders, both from political and social activist groups in the state have rallied their support for Taib to stay put as the Chief Minister. Whether they meant it or not when making their statements to the press is not for me to speculate. One wonders whether they have thought deeply enough about the future of their state in terms of equal distribution of its wealth amongst all groups irrespective of standing, colour and creed or did they bang on with their statements in order to be seen as “menyokong Ketua Menteri” and “penyokong perintah BN”.

The real sentiments from the people of Sarawak will soon be gauged by the ballot box when peace loving Sarawakians once again go to the polls to cast their votes. KL expects BN Sarawak to maintain status quo at least. A bad performance therefore will see immediate resignations from many old mules after the elections. All the dumb leaders then who have by default made their statements may also need to go.

In Sarawak, it is not unusual and looks pretty normal for political leaders to cling on to power for up teem years. Perhaps the greed for money is too good to give up even after 20 years as a YB. This trend in the state will soon be changed after the next GE when the “Domino effect" from the last GE in Peninsular is experienced in the land of the horn bills. This is not to say Sarawakians are supporting the opposition or behind Anwar, that’s not the point. The point is in the word CHANGE. Sarawakians are just fed up with the old political rhetoric replayed over and over again by some old guards wearing their BN tainted uniforms. They just want a change in leadership. Let that be understood.

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