Monday, August 30, 2010

The Impossible Dream

Two things can happen, Taib can step down quietly without any hassle or he can be pressured to step down by Kuala Lumpur. Both ways, the time is really up for him to genuinely give way to someone younger, not as the Chief Minister of Sarawak but as Head of the commanding PBB, Sarawak. As we cannot really predict that BN will win outright again in the next GE in the state, let’s not say that he should step aside as CM for another. That would be wrong. The next CM could well be an opposition member or a now BN member turned opposition.

I thought for a while that it could happen in Sarawak without much of a problem. PR can join up force with SUPP, PRS and SPDP to force a simple majority and what if some PBB YBs jumping ship, there you are, a new unity Government can materialize. Would it be impossible? Perhaps not, in politics even your wildest dreams can come through sometimes.

Such turn of events cannot be ruled out altogether. For Sarawakians, it would be foolish to think of it as annoying Kuala Lumpur if the state is to rid itself of corruption, nepotism etc. And surely, we don’t know how the GE in Peninsula is going to turn out this time around. BN has created too many potholes and the rakyat aren’t blind nor deaf that they are unable to see the right from wrong. Be your own Judge.

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hostage88 said...

Brother help promote TMG. TMG = Taib Must Go is a civil society movement and is apolitical. Aim is to exert pressure and harnes support from Sarawakians to ensure Taib no longer overstay his welcome and ensure change in the 10th Sarawak State Elections.

The promoters of this new movement will contact you Mr Haris for some advice as far as activities is concerned.

For starters, T-Shirts will be printed and hopefully, they are able to organise social gatherings in all towns in Sarawak. Voter Registration exercise will also be organised.

Lets see whether we can change the mindset of timid Sarawakians and how many will show their faces and show up to be counted.

We need all the support and advice from Civil Society groups.