Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will the Ship Sink under an Ailing Captain?

The ship with the BN flag under an ailing Captain is now being steered into deep waters in the South China Sea. The waters are full of Tiger sharks and perhaps a typhoon will soon come to hammer the crew down to their cabins. They all seem to hang on to dear lives, banking on their luck on this one Captain whom they are praying will bring them out of the storm.

This is the scenario in the coffee shops around Sarawak. BN they say may lose many seats in the soon to be GE. The reason is because of the Captain whom many thought as being too old to steer the Ship. But alas, he has gone through such storms before and, this one last voyage will be his final journey through the same stormy South China Sea.

On board the ship, his crew realize that they will risk their lives should they talk about any mutiny. The Captain they know is known to have no mercy.

Only time will tell whether the Ship will sink or be saved again by this ailing but experienced Captain.

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