Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Mighty Rejang brought Cow Dung

Cow dung has been deposited in the BN house in Sarawak with a natural blessing when the mighty Rejang came flowing with lots of wooden debris from up river. Even the fish die due to this man made disaster which had many BN leaders in Sarawak nervous about their fate. All fell short of mentioning what the real issue was behind the uncontrollable mishap which if they did, fingers will most likely point back at them.

Logging is big business and big money in Sarawak, everyone knows that. It has made many people rich including BN political leaders from day one when logging licenses were issued to cronies and those linked with either the royalties or someone up high. Of course, the CM cannot deny the part he played in grooming some big “towkeys” through logging activities in Sarawak. This is all old stories.

What when the GE is coming on in a couple of months time, it will be a blow to BN when things like this happened. The opposition doesn’t have to overplay such scenarios because they revealed themselves the natural way. Sometimes, God has his ways to reveal the truth.

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