Friday, August 20, 2010

When it's all Shaking for BN in Sarawak

As the GE in Sarawak draws near, we hear of all sorts of rumors which cannot really be substantiated. This scenario is expected to develop even more in the next couple of weeks, it is a time when it's all shaking for BN in Sarawak. The fact that Democracy is working when people are given their say, either right or wrong, is good.

Already we hear of Sarawak United Peoples Party echoing their displeasure which very well is a strategy of sort to win back the disgruntled Chinese voters who have deserted camp.Some see it as a "ploy", if it could be regarded as one. Enough said, SUPP is facing a leadership dilemma with the left and right wings trying to pin down each other. They are still battling so it seems or is it just a mild “sindiwara” in the making? After all, Sarawak has a spate of such disguised political acts that were meant to play havoc on people’s mind, we called it dirty politics.

Looking around, SPDP looks like a limping buffalo all covered with mud whilst PRS, with its dare devil President means business, out to prove that they are solid like a rock. Their problem is just with a bright Chinese Minister who knows his way round the block. Circumstances tell you that PRS may have to concede at least 1 seat for this bloke, with the President having to swallow his words at that.

PBB has also been shaken up with their President under fire from many angles due to some unexplained wealth he has accumulated overseas. His boat too is shaking and I have no doubt that he is worried about how the political business in Sarawak is going to be in the next few months, especially now that SUPP may be calling it “quit”. They did not say so directly but the whistle has been blown.

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