Sunday, August 15, 2010

Conspicuously Wealthy Political Bums

You have been asked to kick the backside of the opposition! Would you do it? Or would you kick the backside of those Conspicuously Wealthy BN Politicians.

Come November 2010 the State Elections will probably be held and my prediction is BN in Sarawak will be in for a shock with defeats in areas they never would dream of losing. It will be autumn blues for them. Why is this so? What made me to think so? It is simply so because the voters and people in Sarawak are entering into a new phase of political maturity. The realization of all the wrongs created by leaders of the BN Government in Sarawak led by a conspicuously wealthy CM is too much for their conscious mind to bear. The people are fed up with a bunch of the old Guards led by Taib, George and Alfred.

You only need to look around you to realize that things have gone widely wrong in Sarawak. Roads, especially our highways are way below average, developments have been hap-haphazardly handled and going in to the hands of cronies and above all, how the hell did some BN ministers and YBs become conspicuously wealthy?

Hearing the speeches by some of our BN politicians can make many peace loving people in Sarawak sick because BN tends to be in a state of denial with their old style rhetoric in trying to win hearts by political "sweet talks" which are pretty outdated. Whenever they harped about having done the state good, it smelled "basi". And laughably people are always reminded to kick the backside of the opposition.

Sarawakians are now leveling themselves into a new era with the internet as the tool to kick on the backside of the big talkers in the BN camps. Let’s wait for a couple more months, that will be the day when many political bums will be kicked out for good.

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