Sunday, July 25, 2010

Penan Maidens - Are you subjects of the "Signal Detection Theory"?

If ever the rapists exist, then they should be brought to book and punished by the law severely. There is every reason to believe that the numerous reports made on Penan girls being raped in the Baram are true. Circumstances in the remote areas would make it not impossible for rapes to be carried out. Jungles are the best of places.

Much have been said, politicized and given publicity internationally, all at the great expense of this defenseless group we know as the nomadic tribe of Sarawak called the Penans. Groups championing their cause in this particular matter better do it right and get to the roots of things.This is not about logging and felling of trees but disgusting rapes of innocent girls.

Politicians especially from the BN party should just keep their big mouths shut on such issues and not try to cover up the offenders. Let the law take its course. The Police and other investigators from the welfare and NGO bodies should perform their duties well and protect the rights of these poor maidens of the jungle. Could some already be mothers now? Hence it demands immediate real action from all those in authority.

No matter what one thinks, even if it borders on the "signal detection theory", the cases reported are unlikely to be false. I do not think so. Such social matters should never be swept under the carpet by the BN government.That would be a mistake, a big mistake.

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