Saturday, July 17, 2010

The POISONS in Sarawak's Politics

It amazes me why Sarawakians are so keen in forming new political parties of late. Are they not satisfied with the present State Government led by the old man Taib? Are they fed up with corruption within the State BN Government? What are their motives? Aren’t they enough political parties already around in Sarawak to demand yet the formation of more parties? Is this going to be the trend in Sarawak which at one time was also happening in Sabah? And finally, will such action destabilize the supposedly calm political scenario in Sarawak and make the BN State Government more vulnerable to losing power?

The General Elections in the state should be just round the corner so these aspirants of change may want to give it a go, all claiming that they will fight for the rakyat in their own style. The irony is they know that standing as independents will not get them far. A political platform is what they are looking for, to start somewhere somehow. Win or lose is another thing.

Having said all that, one thing is for sure and that is, everyone in Sarawak knows that the time for the Chief Minister to step down as Chief Minister is overdue and very much overdue. The old man Taib is unperturbed so it seems of the “slander” and controversy thrown at him lately. The controversy is of course on the amount of assets he has overseas. To put it simply, how did he and his family become so rich when we know that he came not from a millionaire background. Has he now been cornered with people talking about his "ill gotten" wealth? For those reading this and wanting to find out more about the so called wealth accumulated by the Chief Minister, they could easily log in to Sarawak I stumbled upon the website recently and found it to be interesting. It holds water.

Today, I read the papers about our Iban leaders politically fascinating themselves by shooting poison arrows at one another. This is typical longhouse politics. None are so outstanding that they can be called heroes. Many people and men of their blood have jibed at them as traitors. They are just lucky to be where they are, circumstances played into their hands and they became leaders. They are perhaps not traitors but opportunists in their own rights. Say one thing and do another.


Anonymous said...

The new parties may be sponsored by BN to minimize whatever the majority that PR may gets in the next coming state election. Need to be careful with this kind of screen saver or our future generations will be at stake...

taib is cute said...

May be of interest, still a work in progress as there is a of information to cover

Anonymous said...

1.They are perhaps not traitors but opportunists in their own rights.

2.Say one thing and do another. "

Would you like to amplify these? The traits, similarities and dissimilarities?

For example, there are opportunists who take calculated risks, act on principles of decent norms but shun improprieties.

People who say one thing and do another are hypocrites and are opportunists, too but they forsake decent norms for example get RM1.0m in bribes and gives out say meagre sum as "aid", plants social conditioning on society and reap profits not measurable to his efforts. When you apply principles, the guy has to pay.

The opportunist in the former doesn't. He's probably fairly paid for it already in fair measures.