Thursday, June 24, 2010

Divide and Rule - An OLD Game Plan

Secrets are to be kept but one can’t stop another from fouling the game of secrecy especially when it involves political moves and the Chief Minister of Sarawak. There was a big BN retreat to the Mulu National Park a couple of days back and the hot topic was about the coming elections in Sarawak, it must be held by June at the latest, of 2011.

As is the case always, these big BN meetings in Sarawak will be a closed door affair, the doors locked from the inside. Everything discussed then will be “classified” and leaders would be reminded to keep their mouths shut. But human beings are creatures that have a mind to tell tales. Being such, what's told will then be untold. It means what transpired would soon be talked and the news would then be unceremoniously splashed with special "add-on" by individuals who are really loaded flamboyant BN political rumour mongers. These will eventually spilled over to those in the opposition who as foes are only too glad to hear the “good” news or loathe the bad ones. For the old withering guy, the game of "DIVIDE and RULE" is again a hidden agenda which can never be proven.

Tales can also be told about the once largest and strongest party in Sarawak - the Sarawak National Party formed by the late Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan. Sarawak sees a new chapter today when the oldest party around regained some of its pride with the announcement on the setting aside of its deregistration by the Court of Appeals. Many die hard SNAP members in their 70s must be happy to hear such news. Dundang, their stylish President living in Miri should be pleased and happy too. However, it will not put SNAP in any better position in Sarawak because the Party has hardly done anything for the people of Sarawak in the last 10 years. Internal squabbles amongst party leaders have not been trashed out and the party looked doomed alright, not until today. This should give them a new lease of life and at the least, some new political bearing to fight on their cause.

But alas, it is going to split the Ibans once again making it so much easier for the old man to divide and rule, perhaps for another term.The vicious cycle goes on.

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