Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get rid of Subsidies = A New State Government

When subsidies are lifted even in any small way, the hardest hit will be the low income earners. As it is now, life is already hard for many Sarawakians regardless of their race. They can be the Iban family in the longhouse, the elderly Malay kampong couple or the Chinese guy who does his trade on a street corner from dawn to dusk to feed his family. These are the people who will carry the burden and feel the pinch if prices of the basic commodities go up upon lifting of government subsidies of essential items.

Surely our smart BN leaders either at Federal or State levels realize that such announcement which can become a reality will inflict great sufferings to the poor in the country. But they the BN Ybs and Ministers are well-off and many are stuck-ups. Money to them, either ill gotten or otherwise is NOT a problem so they couldn't careless for the poor. The poor can be described as those whose income is hardly enough to buy food and other essential household needs to enjoy life as a Malaysian. The poor is the mother who may have only one single meal a day when Ministers lavish on sumptuous dinners every night. The poor is the stressful father who works overtime to feed hungry mouths at home while children of the rich have laptops to play their favourite games. The poor is the child who can’t afford to buy a new pair of school shoes for the new term. The poor is the family who dreams of a simple water filter which for health reasons is a must for households in Sarawak.

The worry for the poor is already beginning and thoughts are tormenting many in Sarawak who are also now angry with the BN government. In fact the "subsidy issue" has hit the public and private sectors here in the state like a Tsunami, dreaded by the majority. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new chapter, the ending episode of BN’s rule in the land of the hornbills. Idris Jala is playing his role pretty brilliantly in Najib’s government. He's not an idiot to make such an announcement without realising the consequences. The question is, did he not too, inadvertently unlocked some doors for PR in Sarawak to enter? His bouquet we accept, nice of him!

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