Saturday, May 15, 2010

When a Win may not be a REAL Win

It was big time gambling in Sibu when BN throws their money around in trying to win votes or hearts, I am not too sure. But I am sure that BN (at time of writing) is about as desperate as ever to win Sibu for SUPP, not so much for the people of Sarawak. This is because SUPP is the pillar of the Chinese for BN in Sarawak, like what MCA is in West Malaysia.

BN has promised millions to the parliamentary constituency and the people of Sibu and cash were handed out like it had never been done before. Najib has made history in Sarawak to Taib's chagrin. One BN leader told me that the Najib government should come to their senses because from now onwards, all the other towns are expecting similar deals like that being rendered in Sibu and the Sibu folks. Anything less or short will see BN lose many seats in the next GE. Nice comment and holds water.

The result tomorrow would be interesting for us to analyze on the political stance of the Chinese voters in Sarawak as well as the sentiments of the people towards the popularity of the opposition in the state. Should BN win, then anything less than 2000 votes majority is nothing special, that will be indicative of the winds of change in Sarawak. If BN loses the seat, then Taib has to step aside and make way for someone more energetic and less corrupted.

Winning Elections isn't easy. It's always a GAMBLE. If you do it the wrong way, you may be digging your own grave.

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