Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Chapter for Sarawak

What are up the sleeves of BN now that they have lost Sibu to DAP? Are they going to honour every ringgit they have promised the Sibu people? That is left to be seen. Election promises in Sarawak were seldom kept and after 40 years Sarawakians may not be too optimistic this time around too.

One can bet that a thorough post mortem will be done by SUPP pretty soon. Is George Chan going to blame the BN Foochow leaders in Sibu again? Will the hornet’s nest be stirred up once more from within the Chinese based BN party? Let’s ask ourselves as to “Why” BN lost the Election? According to Najib, BN failed to make good and proper use of its powerful machinery and relied too much on the old ways of campaigning. This is a lame excuse because everyone in Sibu knows that BN had their whole machinery and arsenal laid out in the Foochow town. They had bombarded the system left right and centre, so how could it be that BN had failed to make use of its power on the ground.

Let’s get straight to the point; BN has lost Sibu to DAP for many reasons which fundamentally affect the Chinese. The Urban Chinese voters in Sarawak want equality, equal rights to land, equal rights to licenses, equal rights to higher Education equal rights to joining the civil service, all of which they know they are being deprived of at the moment. And I would think that SUPP is losing support from the Chinese in Sarawak and becoming irrelevant to them for the same reasons. SUPP is seen by the Sarawak Chinese as ineffective when fighting for such rights.

Recapping, I thought there were glaringly hitches in making a due and quick announcement on the results last night. One can be sure that reasons given will always be biased and against the opposition so let’s not talk about that.

The fact that Sibu is a Foochow town and now controlled by the Sarawak DAP leader will leave many BN activists angry, SUPP for one, is embarrassed and upset. Don’t tell me they are not.

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