Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sarawak 's "Yes Men" in Parliament

What about this announcement on the revision in the maximum fine for traffic offences to punish us in Sarawak? It has been increased 3 times over from RM 300 to RM 1000 under a recent Bill passed by Parliament.

With all our Bumpy Roads around in Sarawak with their blatantly inadequate traffic signs, poor lighting, bad drainage and hap-hazard urban road system designed by corrupted councils, we are now subjected to the same law that our fellow West Malaysians will endure.

It is regrettable that our Sarawak BN Parliamentarians are sometimes forced into supporting Bills which may not be practicable to Sarawak. They are the "Yes Men" of Sarawak's politics. They support because they had to as one told me personally. We have no choice, according to him. This equates to the fact that they are being dictated by their UMNO masters, towing the line even when their conscience tells them it's wrong. When this is the case, Principles are immaterial, they are brushed aside and opinions become useless.

This was the very reason Zaid Ibrahim left UMNO to join PKR. He's a man of principles who refused to do what I called "political prostituting".

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